Specialist Services

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  • Financial Services Authority
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Because of our reputation for financial training and model- building with banks, corporates and housing associations, FSMD is sometimes approached to undertake projects which are outside our normal range of bespoke training and software services.

Clients in this area include regulators, professional bodies, government entities and consultants.

Projects are characterised by the need to create and apply novel combinations of cross-sector knowledge and skills, as well as support services.

We particularly enjoy these sorts of challenges.

Specialist Services – Project Examples

Scenario 1

For a Professional Body: to help design, develop, deliver and update the educational programmes for qualification, as well as partner in the launch and delivery of the non-qualification course programmes.

Scenario 2

For a Trade Association of sector firms: to jointly design, develop and resource sector-specific courses. As well as the educational input, FSMD provides all of the course-related administrative support including course brochures, course bookings, fee collection and venue bookings, as well as assuming the financial risk on course attendance.

Scenario 3

Induction Programmes for a Government Ministry: which is significantly increasing recruitment into an area with a rapidly developing knowledge base, working within tight budget constraints and limited off-job release times: the solution comprised pre-course reading for the basic concepts, a series of one-day modules to minimise work flow disruption and with each day divided into a taught-input, a practitioner presentation/discussion and a site visit to a Ministry client institution to help keep abreast of new developments.

Scenario 4

For the consultancy team in a Global Credit Scoring Company: to explain how the financial crisis and the consequent regulatory reform is changing bank strategic drivers, particularly for retail credit products.

The training solution revolved around demonstrating how capital and liquidity regulatory changes rather than the business model are driving bank strategic planning and then facilitating discussion sessions to explore the marketing implications for the consultancy team.