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FSMD has been training banks for 30 years in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Africa and Australasia.

With commercial banks the dominant theme has been corporate credit assessment and relationship management, focusing on understanding the borrower’s business risks and cash flows.

With investment banks the dominant theme has been applied corporate finance theory, including strategic evaluation, risk & return, equity analysis, financial structure and valuation.

Since the early 1990’s bank treasury and ALM has been a growing theme across all banks, particularly since the aftermath of the 2007 financial crisis and Basel III.

Between 2000 and March 2017 FSMD ran ALM Open Subscription Courses in partnership with ALMA, the asset and liability management association whose membership includes all the major UK banks and Building Societies, as well as banks in other European countries.

In-Bank Training Courses

The main focus of In-Bank Courses in recent years has been ALM. In-Bank events are tailored to the specifics of the client bank, reflecting its current ALM priorities and staff development needs. The client bank’s balance sheet is usually the focus for exercises and group discussions, perhaps benchmarked against a peer group.

In-Bank events usually share several common features:

  • Motivated by need for cross functional understanding of ALM to inform decision-making
  • Project driven by ALM senior management
  • Visibly endorsed by senior management participation as course presenters or mentor-attendees
  • Focus on client-specific balance sheet provoking immediate engagement of attendees

FSMD also provides bespoke corporate credit assessment and relationship management courses for Banks lending to middle market and large corporates.

FSMD can also provide bespoke courses on corporate finance and valuation, usually for M&A, IPO,LBO or Equity Analysis applications.

Software Services

The majority of FSMD’s financial modelling projects have been about corporate financial evaluation for credit assessment and corporate finance applications. The need for enhanced models in these areas is often highlighted by FSMD In-Bank training programmes with individual banking clients.