About Us

Today FSMD provides bespoke financial training and financial modelling solutions for banks, corporates and housing associations, as well as some open subscription courses for topics in widespread demand.

The directors who founded FSMD Ltd in 1986 had previously managed the International Banking Centre at Manchester Business School. The company was funded by private equity subscription under the Business Enterprise Scheme.

FSMD’s topic specialisms are

  • ALM: bank asset and liability management
  • corporate credit assessment
  • corporate finance and valuation
  • corporate treasury
  • housing association finance and treasury
  • financial modelling
  • software services

Bespoke financial training courses

FSMD’s educational specialism is bespoke training programmes. These are programmes tailored to the specific requirements of individual clients.These programmes are often part of a strategic change process.

So during the course development phase, much attention is devoted to understanding the business drivers and using current business situations as a basis for exercises and case studies.

The goal is to create a training programme which optimises the balance between educational effectiveness, logistical constraints and cost.

Open financial training courses

FSMD also provides open subscription courses for topics which are in widespread demand.

In broad terms, FSMD financial training and financial modelling solutions deal with issues at the interface between providers of wholesale financial services, users of wholesale financial services and markets in which financial services are traded.